Independence, Kansas.

Mother Nature is still taking a break from her typical May ways in this part of the country. I ended up chasing a few rain showers and downpours. The clouds were impressive, but there wasn’t much in the way of wind, lightning, or rotation today. The next two days will be sunny skies, with the forecast looking like Mother Nature may get feisty in the western have of my designated chase area starting Wednesday night.

Mother Nature needed to put a little bit of spin on that cloud hanging down, but alas.

My brain has always been intrigued by networks and more importantly, all things connected. Ever since I was a very young boy I have been interested in power lines. As a kid I could tell where a photo was taken in Upstate New York by any power lines that may have been present in the photo, in that I could tell if the power lines were in the territories of Niagara Mohawk, NYSEG, or Rochester Gas and Electric. I wasn’t really interested in electricity as much as I was fascinated by the poles, towers, pylons, and high tension wires criss-crossing our nation.

I’ve been taking some photos of high voltage pylons I’ve found interesting during this trip. It’s a good thing my parents did give me access to a camera back in the film days of the 70s and 80s; the film processing costs to get through rolls of power lines would have been very expensive!

Up on a pedestal.

I’m settled in for the night in Independence, Kansas. The Microtel here is like every other Microtel I’ve been to. The person at the front desk was pleasant, the room layout is as expected, and the amenities are clean. I drove through this Historic Downtown a couple of times and it looks quite interesting. I’ve been stopping at small towns as I made my way from Oklahoma northward into Kansas. Tomorrow I’ll start heading northwest with plans on getting to the Oklahoma panhandle by Wednesday afternoon. I don’t mind taking my time. I’m finding it relaxing, I’m discovering all sorts of conversations and viewpoints on the radio, and I’m enjoying the landscape.

Relaxation is good.