I haven’t paid much attention to Twitter (now called X) in a while. After Elon Musk purchased the platform and started doing crazy things and other shenanigans I decided it was time to leave. I deleted all but one account on the service; I kept my aviation related account in case I wanted to touch base with other aviators.

Other than a post a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t done much of anything in the way of scrolling or sharing posts. After the recent weird comments from the owner I logged out and haven’t looked back.

But notice that I haven’t deleted that last account yet. I really don’t have an answer as to why I haven’t gone ahead and just deleted everything. Nostalgia? Hope? I really don’t know.

Apparently Space Karen tweeted some antisemitic remarks over the past couple of days and is now on some PR tour to do some damage control. The Verge reports that Space Karen claims advertisers are boycotting the platform by not spending ad dollars with X (formerly known as Twitter), because of his antisemitic tweets. Space Karen then specifically told the advertisers what they can do, naming Bob Iger of Disney specifically.

I’m really tired of Space Karen. I’m really tired of hearing about Twitter (apparently now called X) and I’m really shaking my head at CEO Linda Yaccarino trying to gaslight the entire planet that Space Karen’s remarks are something normal.

Yet, here I am writing a blog entry about this.

The truth is, I really hope the entire platform collapses and is gone by mid-2024. Like, completely gone like “MySpace”. I also hope the U.S. Government comes to its senses and stops putting all its space eggs into Space Karen’s basket. The thing is, one Twitter (now beckoning the name X) is gone, will journalists know how to be journalists? I mean, if it’s not on Twitter (X, if you will) they don’t know how to report on it.

May you live in interesting times.