November 24, 2023

Virtual Trek.

I’ve mentioned before that I really enjoy Will’s “Trek Trendy” travel channel on Youtube. In this video, Will visits seven continents in seven days. I hope you enjoy following along on his adventure as much as I did.

Man Cave.

There’s a small room off our upstairs office that serves as my man cave. I sit in here often when I want to just have some alone time, something critical to my mental health. The room is stucco covered cinder block on three walls. When the house was built it was originally going to be the home to a telescope for the observatory intended for this side of the house. Directly below this room is a wood working shop that Chris and Mike keep busy in.

My telescope lives in here, ready to be taken out on the roof when I’m ready to gaze at the stars at night time. I do this several times a month, usually when the moon isn’t lighting up the sky.

We are lucky to have places to engage in our hobbies and the like. Continuing the theme of the week, I am thankful that we were able to find the ideal location in the desert and live together in relative harmony.

I’m sitting in my space right now as I type this blog entry. Truman must come in and sit next to me, occasionally looking up to see if I’m ready to dispense treats. I can hear him purring.

It’s a good way to start this weird workday, the day after Thanksgiving.