May 19, 2023

Odessa, Texas.

So I’ve decided that tonight is the final night of this year’s week long storm chasing trip and personal retreat. I drove from Dumas, Texas to Odessa, mostly under beautiful skies and away from the Interstates.

The drive was quite pleasant. I love the flatlands. There’s a lot of oil rigs down here.

Mother Nature decided to get a little feisty today. It was nothing like last night’s adventure in Amarillo, but I started chasing a storm to the NE of Midland when I ran into a traffic jam on Interstate 20.

I sat in traffic for over an hour before escaping onto a side street. The storm got way ahead of me and though I tried to catch up, it dissipated before I could get any photos.

I’m back at the hotel now and getting ready to wind down my night. There’s lightning flashing in the distance. I won’t chase at night, so I’ll just watch the lightning show from my hotel room instead.


This telephone hung on the bathroom in last night’s hotel room. I immediately sensed a disturbance in the force.

Look closely.

The “0” button does not have “OPER”, because operator services are a thing of the past. Mom as an operator for New York Telephone before I was born. She was the one that taught us to not scream at the nice lady asking, “number, please” before completing our call to Grandma City.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear a dial tone when I picked up the receiver. It was generated by the in-house PBX system, but it was a dial tone nonetheless.


Two bottles of mayonnaise. Both made by the same company. But it’s two different brands.

For those not aware, it’s Hellmann’s east of the Rockies and Best Foods west of the Rockies.

Apparently I’m on the line.