May 3, 2023


I enjoy the vibe of Downtown Tucson. While not a particularly large downtown area, Tucson has some great little restaurants and has made some good decisions in reusing old storefronts and the like throughout the area.

We met our friend Mike at the local gay bar for a drink. Mike and Bubba have been together for a long while; Bubba works during the week but Mike was able to hang out for a bit. Earl enjoys his Piggly Wiggly shirt. I brought my beer gut, though I wasn’t drinking beer.

Afterwards Earl and I went to a place downtown called The Drunken Chicken. It’s a small location but has a great vibe about it. Earl decided to cover up his Piggly Wiggly tank top for dinner.

When we left it was quiet out and about. I guess that’s typical for the area on a Wednesday night.