May 17, 2023

Liberal, Kansas.

I drove from Colby to Liberal, Kansas today. It was a pleasant drive. As mentioned before, I like the high plains, a lot.

I made a stop in Garden City and parked the car in the downtown area. I took the opportunity and today’s relatively short drive to walk around and stretch my legs. I found a small lunch counter type place for lunch. The folks were very pleasant.

If you ever want to follow along with my whereabouts, I’m fairly active on Yelp.

Once getting to my hotel here in Liberal, I noticed storms building to the south along the Oklahoma-Texas border, so I drove down there to get some snapshots and follow along with Mother Nature. Nothing went too severe, but there were some pretty impressive cloud to ground lightning displays that I enjoyed. The forecast for tomorrow shows more storm activity before a dry weekend. The timing works out.

There’s a part of me that wants to say this trip has been a dud when it comes to storm chasing, and it pretty much has, but I’ve seen some beautiful country, met some nice people, and sorted some things out in my head.

Most importantly, I’ve been relaxed.

I’ll probably get home to Tucson late on Saturday. We’ll see what Mother Nature does over the next 48 hours before I start heading for the desert.