Truman likes his routines and schedule. He’s probably taking after me when it comes having a set routine for the day; when I start work in the morning he sits on his cat tree in my office and expects pets, a few tosses of a Nerf ball, and then some treats. He’s down to a minimum number of treats when it’s time to dispense treats, so he doesn’t get to be too big.

After my first round of meetings I usually head upstairs to shave and take a shower, but not until I’ve cleaned out his litter box for the day and given him a couple of his Greenies treats on the small cat tree. If I waver from this activity it is noticed.

I wonder how he manages when the treat dispensing human is not home and instead he’s contending with his other Dad. I’m sure he’s purring away being happy.

It’s just me that he has wrapped around his little paw.