The captain on the flight from Philadelphia to Denver was very pleasant. About 60 minutes before our arrival he announced, “Folks, if you haven’t flown into Denver before, you’ll notice turbulence can pop up at any time. This is due to the proximity to the Rocky Mountains. As long as you keep your seat belt on, you might feel uncomfortable but you’ll be safe. I’ve asked the flight attendants to prepare the cabin for landing early and for them to take their jump seats. Please be seated and make sure you’ve fastened your seat belt.”

So, of course a gentleman promptly gets up, opens the overhead bin, pulls down a whole bunch of stuff and apparently starts rearranging his bag. I took this photo just as he was opening the bin for the purpose of griping about this sort of thing on my blog. Two flight attendants asked him to have a seat but with his rearranging it looks him a few minutes.

Now, he could have been moving around a heart monitor and medication or something. Perhaps he had his wife stowed up that and she needed more Cheerios. Maybe he didn’t hear the announcement due to his AirPods. But of course I rolled my eyes and wondered allowed to my husband, “why is there always one that defies the seat belt light and announcement and insists on doing their own thing”.

After a few bumps that caused the open bin to bounce a couple of times, he swiftly put his bag up with his wife and had a seat.