December 1, 2022


It was nice to see a piece of familiarity at the mall today. Though not as big as the original stores, Macy’s seems to be doing a decent job bringing Toys ‘R Us back.

Revisiting Tradition.

It’s been a few years since we’ve been in this neck of the woods, but when we would visit on a regular basis during the holiday season, we had a tradition of heading over to Cherry Hill Mall in Cherry Hill, N.J. They have an enjoyable eatery in the middle of the mall called “The Bistro”. We went there today while doing some Christmas browsing. The mall wasn’t very busy, but we had a nice lunch together.

I love how my husband is wearing a scarf with his t-shirt. He’s a little bit desert southwest and a little bit northeast on this trip.

Extra. Extra.

I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy watching extras employed in a movie or television series. Some of them overact, some of them underact, and some are just a delight to look at.

I spotted this extra in a scene in “The Devil Wears Prada” years ago (I’ve always been a fan of the Miranda Priestly character). I actually think I spotted him in a deleted scene that I saw on YouTube or something. I don’t know anything about him and his name isn’t listed in the credits in IMDB, but he is a delight to look at.