December 13, 2022

Update Day!

As mentioned in my previous post, it’s update day for those of us that use Apple products. Excitement! For everything but the Mac, version 16.2 is out. iPhone, iPad, HomePod, AppleTV, Apple Watch, all getting updated. For the Mac I think it’s version 13.1, which is the latest iteration of Mac OS Ventura.

If you have Apple devices that will let you update to the latest software and an iCloud account (it might require iCloud+), you can start up Advanced Data Protection, which encrypts just about everything in your iCloud account. Apple can’t see it, people that might break in most likely won’t be able to see it, the data should be even more secure. It requires the latest version of software across all your Apple devices, so if you have an old Mac mini or something that can’t update, that’s going to be left out of the loop.

These new versions also update HomeKit and how things talk to each other. I’m in the process of finishing my updates as I type this so I can see how things work with the updated HomeKit functionality. Again, you’ll be warned if things can’t be updated and you’ll be asked to remove that device from your iCloud account.

I’m enjoying Apple’s continued focus on user privacy. With so many services and the like mining user data like so much oil on the Beverly Hillbillies, it’s nice have a corporation that wants to help you encrypt your data and keep it secure.


iPadOS 16.2 is out with the new Apple application “Freeform”. It’s a place to gather ideas and collaborate with others with basically an endless whiteboard. I was hoping to share directly from Freeform to my blog, and the result would be an image or something, but sharing only generates a link.

Here’s a screenshot.