Photo taken June 9, 2022 in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Speaking of storm chasing (in my previous entry), I’m already planning ahead for 2023 storm chasing trip. Last year I went storm chasing for a week in the first half of the month of June. Weather patterns had me up in Nebraska and Kansas for the experience. I’m thinking in 2023 I’m going to go a little earlier in the season and focus on southern Oklahoma and northern Texas. I still venture farther north if I have to, but I want to check out another part of the country while chasing storms across the flatlands.

My husband is supportive of the endeavor. I asked him if he’d like to join me on the chase in 2023 and he declined. His response, “rent a car, get plenty of renter’s insurance, and don’t get killed”.

This is why we’ve been married for nearly 26 years. He gets me.