There was a line in a recent episode of “Star Trek: Picard” that really struck me. This season’s story arc takes place primarily in the year 2024; the cast has gone back in time to “fix the timeline” again and they’re in 2024 Los Angeles trying to figure out what’s wrong and make it right. They meet up with a young Guinan, who is ready to leave the planet because of the turmoil of 2024.

The line that struck me was in regard to the rampant racism, obviously a commentary of what we’re seeing today: “They took off hoods and put on suits”. A simple, in your face statement of what’s happening, especially since Trump’s run in office.

I don’t follow the news as much as I used to, namely for the sake of my own mental health. However, I was quite happy to see sense prevail when the Senate confirmed Ketanji Brown Jackson as our newest Supreme Court Justice.

Perhaps things won’t be quite as bleak as portrayed in Picard’s version 2024 when we get there just two years from now.

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