April 5, 2022


We spruced up some of the ambiance in the great room. The previous owner of the house had a large tapestry hanging on the wall and was kind enough to leave the rod and hangers behind when we bought the house.

Earl and I spotted this blanket when we were visiting the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago and thought it work well in that spot. Earl found some karate belts that matched the color of the blanket and Chris was able to cut and affix them to the top to serve as hangers. They look like the belong there.

We all like the way the blanket looks and find it works well in the room. We’ve been slowly making improvements to the house since moving in just over a year ago. We’re still wrangling with the home insurance company over the damage from last year’s monsoon. You can see a piece of the missing ceiling in the vestibule on the right. Hopefully all of that will be cleared up soon as well.