April 22, 2022

Friday Dance Break.

In the late 1980s Donna Summer teamed up with producers Stock, Aiken, and Waterman to record her album “Another Place, Another Time”. SAW was responsible for many hits of the era, including bringing Rick Astley and Kylie Minogue to the masses. One of the leading singles from Donna’s album was “This Time I Know It’s For Real”.

Here’s a live performance of the track from over a decade later, from the “VH1 Presents Live & More Encore! with Donna Summer”. Ms. Summer’s voice was always top notch and she sounded fantastic when performing live.

Still Flying.

I’m went flying with instructor Prabesh on Wednesday night. It was a bit windy and the desert keeps it quite bumpy in the afternoons and early evening, but I kept the needles pointed where they were suppose to be pointing, the airplane in the air, and I didn’t make a fool of myself on the radio.

I walked away from the flight feeling quite pleased with myself. And that’s a great feeling.