August 11, 2021

Afternoon Delight.

I was eight years old when the Starland Vocal Band released “Afternoon Delight”. Of course I had no idea the song was about sex. At the time, my mom and her friend Janice would take us to a diner uptown called “Donna’s Restaurant” in the morning. I think Janice was seeing a guy from the telephone company or something and they’d stop out there before fixing the local dial tone. Donna, the owner of Donna’s Restaurant, and a big bleached beehive bouffant type hairdo. I went to school with her daughters. This song was on the jukebox and we’d play the song while we drank hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. From the sugar and such we’d then lick the ceilings before Mom paid Donna (who was still using a hand cranked cash register) and then we’d head home and run around the cow pasture that surrounded our mobile home.

Good times.

It’s funny, even though it’s been 45 years and I know the song is about sex I still think about hot chocolate and whipped cream when I hear this song.

Maybe that’s about sex too.