August 19, 2021

UA 5502.

I’m on my first commercial flight since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As usual, I’m flying United and all is well. I’m visiting our friends Jeff and Mark near Durham, N.C. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them and it’s always an adventure when we visit. I’m on this trip solo with my husband and family’s blessing. They know I like little solo adventures once in a while. Since I had a ticket from pre-COVID days that was going to expire, I thought I might as well use it for this little jaunt. If this trip goes well, we’ll probably travel back East before the end of the year.

I feel a little rusty when it comes to being an airline passenger. Things have changed but things are the same. There’s a few extra announcements, folks are wearing masks like they’re suppose to, and so far there has been nothing worthy of the hype we often see in the media and on social media. We need to stop glorifying the outliers. Things are fine. Let’s hope I didn’t jinx this trip by saying that.

You may have noticed I have not been talking about my private pilot adventures. After a few prospects fell through earlier this summer, I decided to hold off on getting back into the air until after Monsoon Season. I’d rather start when the weather is a little cooler and the skies a little calmer. I’m still assessing my opportunities; there are two airfields relatively close to our home: Tucson Int’l and Ryan Airfield, the latter being the smaller of the two. We’re actually closest to Davis Monthan Air Force Base, but I doubt they’d like me fly a private flight from their busy runways.

I really miss flying, both as a private pilot and on commercial flights. I think this sense of normality in my life has disrupted my psyche a little bit, not to mention the disruption of COVID-19 and the associated idiocy around the behavior of too many people in our “civilized society”. I’ve been pulling back from social media a bit without making drastic moves and the change has helped.

When I was walking through TUS en route to this flight, I realized that Tucson, Arizona is our home and it feels right. In some ways this is the first time I’ve felt settled and this is the first time it’s clicked since moving here at the end of March. I don’t miss Chicago as much as I thought I would; I miss family and friends in Central New York. Thank goodness for FaceTime and the like for communicating with those we miss. While we had a lovely time living in Chicago for three and a half years, and we took advantage of all that we could while we were there, looking back it feels a little more transitory and frenetic than what I probably need in this stage of my life.

The house has been an adventure this Monsoon Season. We’re getting through it but there’s definitely been some challenges with leaky roofs and bad decisions of the previous owners. We’re still quite happy, just a little wetter than we should be when we stand in certain places throughout the house. We’re finally getting the homeowner insurance company under control and understanding of what’s actually going on. They seem overwhelmed with a lot of folks having the same issue in the desert Southwest.

It’s time for our snack box here in First Class, and I’m going to fully enjoy the treat.

Enjoy the friendly skies. Do your part to keep them friendly.