Many of the news media are known for calling Trump “the worst President in modern U.S. history”. Why do they say that? There’s only been 45 people to hold this office of the presidency; who in the 45 of them has been actual worse at the job than Trump?

Can any president claim that over 300K Americans have been killed by a pandemic that could have been mitigated to result in a much lower death count?

Andrew Jackson was pretty awful with his “Indian Relocation Act”. Herbert Hoover didn’t do us many favors with his prelude to the Depression. I guess it’s all relative, but I really don’t think any president has been as reckless, self-serving, or dangerous as Trump. Ever. In the history of the country.

The death count of 9/11 is being reached or frightfully exceeded on a DAILY basis right now during this raging pandemic. Trump is off to Mar-A-Lago with his whore in toe and he’s vowing to veto a stimulus package. Yes, the country should be giving us more money but he couldn’t be bothered to address the issue when Congress was debating how the next stimulus should be handled. Our technological infrastructure was attacked by Russia but he’s cutting federal funds for the military and he won’t even address the issue.

Worst president ever? Absolutely. No doubt. Stop dancing around the colossal failure this guy has been.