I am worried that with this blog entry I am going to lose my membership card to The Ghey but I can not deny my feelings any longer.

I don’t really enjoy “Glee”.

I didn’t watch the first few episodes of the show. It took a couple of weeks for Earl to convince me that the show was worth watching. So one night I sat down and tried to sit through the episode without glancing at my iPhone or hauling my laptop up onto my lap. I survived the struggle but I didn’t really enjoy the experience. I decided to give it another week.

Again, I survived the struggle but I didn’t really enjoy the experience.

There are a few reasons as to why I don’t enjoy watching the show. First of all, I think that they need to ramp back Sue Sylvester’s hatred a little bit. I love watching Jane Lynch do her thing in just about any role she has appeared in but I have to admit that she actually frightens me as Sue Sylvester. Watching her makes me heart fall into my stomach. I don’t enjoy the experience of seeing her character on the screen. Perhaps it’s routed in some purposely forgotten experience from my middle or high school years but I just don’t enjoy her hatred, and the comedy involved with that hatred, for the Glee club at all.

Don’t even get me started on the fake pregnancy thing. I was so happy to see that storyline go away tonight that I almost said a little cheer. Not a fan.

Earl tells me how much he enjoys the performances on the show and I have to say that I have only enjoyed three performances out of the entire season thus far: “Defying Gravity”, “Jump” and “Say A Little Prayer”, and honestly I only enjoyed “…Prayer” after I saw the bears do it on YouTube.  The “Defying Gravity” performance was really good and I had fun during “Jump” but the rest of the performances smack of mediocrity for me. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to performance, heck I have never enjoyed my own performances in my 41 years of trying, but when numbers are performed on “Glee” all I hear is a lot of autotune. I think I would enjoy the performances more if they were real. I know the actors can sing (for the most part), I don’t know why we have to electronically enhance them. All I can hear is that damn autotune.

I keep hearing how dreamy Mr. Schuester is, and I will admit that he is rather attractive but I guess he’s not my type or something. I don’t swoon. I like to swoon when I’m watching a television show but he’s just doing it for me. Puck, on the other hand, comes closer to making me swoon and I was quite relieved to hear that he is closer to 30 than high school age.

Speaking of which, they have this whole Stockard Channing on Grease at 35 thing going on with some of the students, which is fine I guess, but knowing this kind of kills any attempts at realism for me.

So there you have it, I’m not a fan of “Glee”. It doesn’t inspire me to join a chorus nor do I feel the need to tweet breathlessly about the latest episode. Take my toaster points, take my membership to The Ghey but I speak only the truth.