Truman hasn’t quite got the concept of a selfie yet. You’ll notice my husband’s hand near the camera; he was snapping his fingers trying to get our feline family member to face the camera as I snapped a selfie of the three of us. Truman wanted to sniff my ear.

Then he wanted to look at my husband’s ear.

We were trying to take a selfie with Truman today because it was one year ago today that this guy joined our home. Technically, 3/4 of him joined our home because he is a bit bigger than he was a year ago. The vet didn’t scold us but she did suggest Truman might want to cut back on the treats a bit, as he’s a solid 16.25 lbs of pure feline. In reality, the entire family could probably stand to cut back on the treats a bit. It’s a theme throughout the house, the years, and the decades. Welcome to the club.

I mentioned to Earl that it feels like Truman found his real rhythm just before the holidays. He adapted quickly but he didn’t really find his groove, or perhaps we didn’t really understand his groove, until last fall.

Today the purrs are loud and the meows demand attention. He’s apparently, we’re apparently happy, and all is good with our happy little feline family member.

We skipped the celebration cake due to calories.