The Times Shouldn’t Be Changing

Here it is Thursday this week and I’m still suffering from Jet Lag. Now Earl and I didn’t go anywhere mind you. We didn’t jet off to some exotic location for fun and frolic…

No, we switched from ‘Standard Time’ to ‘Daylight Time’.

Like most people, I do enjoy sunlit summer evenings, however, I do not adjust well to Daylight Time. My body just refuses to adjust and I end up dragging through the morning until about noon, which is really 11 a.m. Then I’m wide awake at midnight because it’s really 11 p.m. and then I can’t wake up in the morning again and it’s a vicious cycle.

So I’ve been grumpy. Except today, I’ve been in a pretty good mood and am cranking through the day here at work. I’m actually looking forward to a bike ride tonight. It’s sunny and 50 degrees as I type. Not exactly ideal cycling weather, but it’ll do. I really need to get training for “The Ride For Missing Children.” By the way, if you wish to donate, please drop me a line.

Earl’s in Buffalo but is expected home this evening. It might kind of late when he gets back, but it’ll be a welcomed sight.