January 1, 2020


The family+1 at dinner last night

So at the beginning of a New Year I always evaluate many things in my life and this blog is one of them. Personal blogs have gone by way of the analog television signal for the most part; I think there’s less than a half dozen that I follow that are updated on a regular basis. For the past two months I’ve been trying to make at least one update a day, I missed the mark last month twice.

As I evaluate the pros and cons of the various data input points in my life I include the blog in the mix due to it’s slight financial obligation and the amount of effort I spend keeping software up to date, writing content, deciding what points of my existence I want to share publicly and that which I don’t. Engagement is low but not awful; when I bother to look I get decent “hits” here. However, the blog was never meant to be a popularity contest for me, it’s always been more of a “hey, I’m an introvert and here’s what’s happening in my life, as shared by me on my terms”. It’s kind of like being on something like “Big Brother” where people can peek in but there’s little to no interaction. And no cut throat competition.

So I’m going to continue this journey into the 20s for as long as I maintain interest and technology lends itself to this type of experience. I’m dabbling with some ideas on contributing more to General Aviation and to the Tech Community through writing in other places; they’ll come to fruition as my timeline and thoughts allow.

Happy New Year to everyone peeking in through this blog. I hope 2020 brings you happiness, health, and all the good things.