So first the time in a long while I’m sitting at a Panera eating dinner while writing a blog entry. Two of the family members are off to a Blackhawks game, so I took the opportunity to go to the airport to talk airplanes with fellow pilots. It was a great discussion and I’m looking forward to new aviation adventures in the near future.

There’s a reason I haven’t sought out a Panera experience since moving to Chicagoland. When we lived in the Mohawk Valley of upstate N.Y. going to Panera was a wild Saturday night in the ‘burbs. Folks traveled from near and far to go to that Panera and we were among their number.

Here in Chicago? Not so much. I mean, it’s nice, it even exceeds adequate, but regardless of the location it’s the same experience no matter where you are.

Support your local businesses.

I thought it’d be fun to eat dinner at Panera again before heading back into the city, and the experience is absolutely adequate, but nothing is really blowing up my skirt.

At least I’m not hungry anymore.