November 11, 2019


I formulated a blog entry during my walk through the sleet and snow this morning but being age 51 I currently have no recollection of what I was going to write about.

I will say my husband and I have been enjoying the latest (and last) season of “Madam Secretary President”. Téa Leoni and friends have been tackling current political issues with their storylines and it’s pretty much like watching “The West Wing”. It’s unfortunate this is the last season of the show, but CBS likes to bury it on Sunday nights after football games and the like. Still quality stuff. People could learn things from watching this show but they won’t.

Another nicety of the latest (and last) season of “Madam Secretary President” is my introduction to actor Wentworth Miller. Until this show I’ve never heard of him but apparently he’s been on a bunch of other shows. I’m liking his portrayal of a cranky Republican senator on the show and admittedly he’s enjoyable to look at.