I have found a new parking spot near work from which to enjoy my lunch hour. The Burger King restaurant, the same one that always attracted the seagulls, recently closed in favor of a new location near the Wal*mart Supercenter that has recently opened. This old Burger King’s signs are all gone, the lights are off and there is absolutely no sign of activity around the building. It will probably sit this way for a while until a Chinese buffet or something like that moves in.

I will definitely like this new parking spot come summertime because there’s plenty of trees to shade the selection of spots along the edge of the parking lot.

I’m getting a kick out of parking here because even though this location has been closed for several weeks, word must not have gotten around town. I have sat in my Jeep for the past 17 minutes and I have observed at least a half dozen cars with passengers looking for a Whopper. One sat in front of the former drive thru speaker for several minutes before realizing the menu and the drive thru speaker are no longer there. A woman came up in a fancy looking SUV and when she discovered that the back door of the restaurant was closed, went to every other door and tried all of them. I guess it never occurred to her to look inside the building and see absolutely no sign of activity whatsoever. I find this fascinating. Are some folks such creatures of habit that they don’t see what is happening around them?

Perhaps people need to start looking around and being aware of their surroundings. There’s a whole wide world out there to see.