February 5, 2014

Introducing Scooter!


A co-worker has a horse farm with plenty of barn cats. A few weeks ago another kitty showed up in the barn. He didn’t really get along with the others, it’s a clique sort of thing, so he slept out with the horses in the hay. None of the neighbors knew who he was. He had no marks of identification.

He is a very friendly guy and he needs a nice warm home to live in. So tonight, Scooter came home to be with his new family. He’s a little shy right now, but he’s slowly exploring his surroundings. He’s purring like crazy. We think he’s happy.?



So it’s snowing very hard here at the abandoned Burger King near work. There are no signs of people trying to use the non-existent drive thru today, but there are footprints in the snow where people have trekked up to the front door. When I started this blog entry two men were walking through a snowbank to get to the front door. The driveway of the abandoned Burger King has not been plowed. I am thankful for having a four-wheel drive Jeep Rubicon.

I’m working at the office today because people expected me to stay home. Most of those that have a cubicle near me are working remotely; the office is very quiet. After meetings this morning I plan on being productive this afternoon.

When I walked in this morning, albeit five minutes late due to weather related delays, I received some applause from the comedians in the cube farm; phrases like “J.P. made it”, “nothing slows J.P. down” were heard as I made my way to my cubicle, still wearing my winter hat and gloves.

The drive into work wasn’t awful. The state maintained roads weren’t plowed at all, probably because all the schools in the area have closed for this latest bout of weather related hysteria, but the Thruway was in fairly good shape. I was able to maintain 55-60 mph for 80% of the ride on the Thruway, the other times I was between 45 and 50, hence the lateness of my arrival at work. I usually get to my cubicle 15 minutes ahead of my intended time. I don’t like to be late.

In Central New York I believe one has to use some caution, plan ahead and then be sensible about their travel in inclement weather, but I do not believe that this sort of stuff during what is turning out to be a “normal” winter in these parts should leave you stranded in your house all year. Seasons are made to be enjoyed, so one should find enjoyment wherever they can.

Now, I might be cranky if I was scheduled to fly today but luckily my lesson was yesterday. That was awesome.

Today, spending time in the snow is where it’s at. I don’t mind a bit.