I just love this fan-made opening to the 1974 movie “Wonder Woman”. This movie came out before the Lynda Carter series and it starred Cathy Lee Crosby as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. Based on the comic storyline of the time, Wonder Woman is more a secret agent than anything and doesn’t really have any superpowers. The movie is a lot different than the series that starred Lynda Carter and I kind of slow paced but I really like the movie. I was thrilled to see this mashup of the third season (1978-1979) theme song with scenes from this 1974 movie. Of course, I’m a huge Wonder Woman geek, so no surprises there.

As a young lad I found Kaz Garas to be a hot Steve Trevor, more so than Lyle Waggoner. And I have always enjoyed the mischievous grin Cathy Lee shows off at 1:00.