Different Drum.

I just gave a presentation on software that I wrote this week. The software was conceived on Monday and the first draft was presented today. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

As the kind people in the audience made comments about the software and provided a couple of suggestions, my mind went into overdrive with the six ways from Sunday that I could improve what I had already written. They could hear the excitement in my voice and I had to admit that I’m full-blown geek and I love doing projects like this. Part of it’s a control issue; I’m writing the software so I know how it’s suppose to behave versus the other half of my job where I help maintain software that was purchased by the company. Anyone want to venture a guess as to which half of my job I’d rather be on all the time?

Because they could hear the excitement in my voice, there was a comment that I was just ramping up on a Friday when everyone else seemed to be ramping down for the weekend. That’s true. I find a lot of energy on Fridays for some reason. I get a lot done on Fridays. It’s just my own drum beat out of sync with the drumbeat of everyone around me. I’m used to that. I think I relax and get stuff done on Fridays because I don’t feel the pressure of the work week ahead of me. Maybe in addition to control issues I also have stress issues. I wouldn’t be surprised about that.

So now I’m all geared up to get my to-do list cleared off and head into the weekend with a smile on my face. If you were sitting near me as I type this I’d make a ‘w00t!’ noise or something of the sort.