So this weekend I am flying solo at The Manor. Jamie is in Chicago figuring out the logistics to the next chapter of his life (slated to start later this spring) and Earl is out of town at a retreat until Sunday afternoon. His absence was a last minute decision and I’m glad that he made the decision to take advantage of the opportunity. It’s weird having him off the grid but it’s ok too; I’ve done some weekend traveling myself from time to time so he should be afforded the same opportunities.

Some people get nervous when I mention that Earl and I occasionally do things separately. It doesn’t make us nervous, so I don’t know why it makes others nervous. One of the beautiful things about being in the perfect marriage is that we allow each other to grow and to blossom and to experience all we can on our path. Usually we do these things together but once in a while I will want to do something that he’s not interested in and vice versa. It’s ok. We are still blissfully happy, foolishly in love and we act nowhere near our biological age. I wouldn’t ask for anything different and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is perfection.

So I have this weekend to chill, do laundry and probably be a geek. My iMac is still in the shop so I’m not going to be making any remixes this weekend, but I have plenty of other things to keep me occupied. I’m actually planning on making some treats for our little SuperBowl party. It’ll be a nice surprise when Earl gets back on Sunday.

I had some ideas of going on a road trip this weekend but the weather doesn’t seem too cooperative. Two or three inches of snow has fallen since 5 p.m. (2 1/2 hours ago). Apparently the snow bands off Lake Ontario are focused in our direction. It’s nothing to complain about, it’s just something to enjoy.

Always enjoy. Life is too short to be miserable.


  1. I notice how people get all weird when I tell them that the Husbear and I do separate things from time to time. It’s like they wouldn’t ever do that in their relationship, and I often wonder why that is. Do they not trust their partner? Or do they believe that you have to do everything together? Which would get a little old I would think.

    Happy solo weekend to you!

    1. I think people are thinking old-fashionedly when it comes to this. Either that, or like you said, they don’t trust their partner so why should I trust mine? Earl and I are solid as a rock. He’s not going anywhere and neither am I. And since I believe that feelings of jealousy come from within as a result of insecurity, I don’t feel any sort of jealousy at all. It does make people that don’t get it nervous though.

      The solo weekend has been fun. I went for a drive and visited a couple of retail establishments with the intent of being more assertive and conversational. It was fun!

    1. The computer behind kitteh-kam was sold, but you’re inspiring me again. We need to buy an old Mac Mini or something for kitteh-kam. Hmmmm.

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