February 21, 2013


So I’m sitting here in the kitchen with my husband as we enjoy our lunch hour together. He has taken a half day off from work; I am working my normal hours but I’m doing that from home, so I’ll hear him roaming around as I do my thing in the basement office.

After work today we are headed to the Big Apple for a weekend getaway; it’s our annual celebration of Earl’s birthday. This year we are going to see “Spiderman on Broadway”. We are also staying at a hotel other than the Hilton on Times Square, simply because we were in the mood for something different and a little less heavy on the budget. We opted to stay at The Edison Hotel. I hear it’s nice.

Though I just got back from a business trip last night, I’m excited about our weekend trip coming up. It should be a good time. Hopefully it’ll be somewhat relaxing. I’m also hoping that the weather will be cooperative.

The trip to Toronto with the VP of our group was quite productive. I was so energized by the meeting that when I got home last night I started writing code like a madman. I was able to bang out a few ideas in a relatively short amount of time, though apparently I was tired and not thinking clearly because there was one very simple script that I couldn’t get to work. When I looked at the script again this morning, I had it working within the first five minutes of my day. Sometimes one needs a good night’s sleep and a fresh outlook. I was able to accomplish both.

I am definitely a creature of structure and habit, even though I fancy myself as one that thinks impulsively. When taken outside of my comfort zone I am always looking for some sort of familiarity in my surroundings so I can reground myself. I found that for the most part during this trip to Toronto. The company we visited ran their operation along the same lines that we have at with our company, so it felt very familiar, but it was different enough to provide a good learning experience.

Learning experiences are always a good thing.