February 18, 2013


So late on Friday afternoon I found out that I was selected to go on another trip for work. This Wednesday I’ll be gone for one night on business. We are traveling to the outskirts of Toronto, where we will see another company using the software that I help support. I’m looking forward to the adventure. It’s a little stressful, having to be outside of my comfort zone and all that, but I think the positives far outweigh this little negative, so I’m good with it.

One thing that I’m stressing about is that I will be so close to Toronto but that it will be for such a brief amount of time (less than 24 hours). I haven’t been in Toronto in a couple of years. I look forward to the opportunity to visit for vacation like activities again. But not this trip.

Looking at our family calendar (which we share on all our electronic devices), there’s a lot of travel coming up. I fly to the outskirts of Dallas for a week in a few weeks, we are going to Disney, we are going to play with the other bears in Chicago in May, there’s a trip to North Carolina in the works and Earl and I are already planning our summer road trip, which will involve the likes of Wisconsin and Arkansas and all points in between.

I am a lucky man.

The thought of travel is helping me keep the winter blahs at a minimum. Just the thought of a change of pace is putting a little spring in my step. It’ll be nice when spring is actually here.