The Duck Face.

Earl and I were somewhere along Interstate 10 between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, during our vacation a few weeks ago, when we stopped at a McDonalds so we could use the bathroom. It was a relatively lonely place in rural Louisiana and the McDonalds had only a few people in the restaurant. Earl and I zipped to the back of the store to do our business.

Always feeling somewhat obligated to make a purchase when we use the bathroom at a place like McDonalds, I told Earl I would pick us up a couple of unsweet teas (vs the ‘unsweetened iced tea’ found in the northeast) and then we could continue our drive. 

During our visit to the restroom, four school buses apparently descended upon this relatively lonely place in rural Louisiana and emptied their entire contents into this little McDonalds. The place was mobbed.

While Earl and I waited for the cashier to ring up the sale, get the unsweet tea and process what was happening with the crowd, I noticed that numerous members of this visiting high school party had started snapping self-photos with their smartphones. There were single self-shots, self-shots of pairs and self-shots of four or five people. All of the subjects of the photos tended to be women except for one guy that was running around. He was a little breathless.

In every single photo, each participant of the shot made “the duck face”. Even the breathless guy did it.

Duckface 4

Random Duck Face person.

This was the first time that I had noticed The Duck Face in action and apparently it is in full force as The Thing To Do.

Can someone please explain to me what the purpose of this Duck Face pose it? It isn’t particularly attractive. It doesn’t convey any sort of frivolity, happiness or overall pleasantry. In my personal opinion, it looks kind of stupid, but I suppose some could say the same about me and my idiosyncracies. 

I just don’t get it.  I must be falling out of touch with all that’s hip. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Update: I thought it would be appropriate to show another example as to why The Duck Face can ruin an otherwise moderately enjoyable photo.