So we are now sitting on flight 740 en route from New Orleans to Dulles in Washington, D.C. So far the flight is smooth, the company is good and more importantly, the flight attendants are sassy. Unfortunately I did not get the name of the flight attendant that has thus far kicked a lavatory maintenance panel shut for me. She’s very happy and upbeat about her job and quite frankly this is a good thing. More people should be like her, including me. A good attitude with a bit of sass is a great contribution to the world.

Earl is watching the television presentation but not listening to it. I see Mark Harmon and Jamie Lee Curtis. I’m sure that Jamie Lee is a nice woman in person, she seems a bit sassy herself, but just the sight of her makes my stomach rumble. The only yogurt available one morning at one of our hotels was Activia and by midday I was screaming obscenities on Interstate 10 somewhere in Louisiana. This was probably alarming for someone within a 1/2 mile of my scream, because that stuff that Jamie Lee Curtis pitches makes my tummy roll.

I’d rather talk about sass than ass, quite frankly.

The plane just slowed down considerably and it feels like we are descending already. We are not scheduled to land for another hour but someone said we are going to be 30 minutes early. This will make the hike between terminals less stressful.