So I know that I’m nearly two years behind the curve on this but I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms after successfully completing the only season of “The Event.” The fact that this show was canceled tells me that the American television viewing public is basically becoming stupid. The show was well written, the acting was decent to great, the action was believable and while they’re are always gaps here and there in a storyline, they kept the plot believable within the universe that was built for this show.

The last scene of the show was a mighty cliffhanger that will now most likely never be resolved. And yes, I know that people were talking about this a year or so ago when the show was canceled but it’s my blog and I can talk about anything I want to talk about.

Flipping through Sirius/XM yesterday I heard some sort of entertainment drivel about all the new shows that are coming out this season and every. single. show. they. mentioned. was some sort of “reality” show. “The Voice”. “American Idol”. “Dancing With The Stars”. If I want to watch Charo do the cha cha I’ll fire up an old episode of “The Love Boat” and watch her contort and growl out the theme song in a lounge that looks like the Holiday Inn under her guise of “April Lopez.”

I am going to state right here and now that if we win the lottery within the next year, I will make a serious investment wherever we need to invest so that we can at least have a miniseries conclusion to “The Event”. I don’t know why someone in Hollywood doesn’t already have the intelligence to do this. Actually I do know why; Hollywood is dumb and it’s trying to entertain the lowest common denominator, the folks that win a “participation award” at a soccer game because they just showed up.

I think I’m bordering on a rant now, so I’m going to keep it real and tell you, probably not for the last time, if you’re into SciFi and you want to see something good with a heaping helping of action, watch “The Event” on Netflix.


  1. Agree 100%.

    FOX is especially bad, giving us great shows only to cancel them after a season or less: Firefly, Wonder Falls, Terra Nova, The Finder… The list goes on and on of incredibly stupid decisions by network executives.

    Thankfully they’re letting Fringe play out its story arc.

    Another missing show is the reboot of V. Once again, we were left with a season cliffhanger, never to return.

    Frankly, I’m surprised that Falling Skies has lasted as long as it has (and has been renewed for another season), because well written (or at least engaging) Sci-Fi in general seems to have a very short shelf life in American television.

    1. I haven’t invested a lot of time in Fox’s shows, kind of because it’s Fox, who has brought us Fox News and American Idol (ugh and ugh), but I might check out a couple of the series you mentioned, even though they were short lived.

  2. I think The Event suffered by being aired the season after Lost ended. I don’t think the public was ready to embrace another show with an intricate plot line where there were more questions than answers.

    There had also been a couple of other serialized series that had started and been canceled after only a few episodes, leaving viewers hanging and plots unfinished. (Which is the reason I haven’t even bothered with most of those types of shows at all.)

    1. You might be onto something there. I bet there were some folks that saw it as a retread of Lost (or at least in the same genre). Oddly enough, I could never get into Lost. Maybe I should check that out.

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