Earl is in Memphis for the week for work-related stuff. He left very early on Monday morning and is scheduled to return on Thursday evening.

Even though we have been doing this sort of thing for over 16 years, there is a large part of me that will never get used to not having my husband around for days on end. It’s a necessary part of his job, and undoubtedly I’ll be traveling for work next year, so I get that it just comes with the territory. But with that being said, I’ll never get used to it.

Thank goodness for technology. We can Skype and text and talk and chat, but only during his breaks!

Le sigh.


  1. Hey there…. I know EXACTLY (more or less) how/what you are feeling. Iain has travelling on and off for work for the last 8 or more years…. and has been away 9+ weeks in the last 4 months. *HUGS* So, if you ever need to talk/vent about it, give me a shout.

    1. Hey there Scott,

      Wow, I didn’t realise that Iain had been traveling quite that much. I knew he was traveling a lot but that’s really a lot. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for the encouragement. Big hugs back.

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