August 9, 2012


Traffic has been backed up in front of the office all day due to construction at the intersection down the street. My office building is just off a road ambitiously called “The Arterial”, but “The Arterial” means that it’s a two-lane road with traffic lights and no businesses directly connected to it. It’s the cheap version of a freeway. It behaves cheaply.

Since traffic is backed up, the driveway coming out of work was blocked. When a space opened up for looking to get out for lunch time opened up, a woman zoomed her ugly red Taurus ahead and then glared at the woman waiting in the car in front of me. It’s apparently all about her in the red Taurus. The woman waiting in the car in front of me drove up the shoulder and found a gap to scoot out into the free lane that headed in the direction away from construction. I did the same with the Jeep, though I did stop, point and glare at the red Taurus woman. She glared back. I shook my head disapprovingly but I didn’t call her any names. She knows what she is.

Since “The Arterial” is all over the place and under construction, I drove into the countryside, found a brand new Dunkin’ Donuts where they didn’t have my iced tea ready and then drove just inside the Adirondack Park, stopping at the parking area I found a couple of weeks ago on an exceptionally hot day. The cell service is spotty for my iPad, but I’m able to crank this blog entry out under the shade of big pine trees that are making the whisper noises I love so much and the wonderful scent of the forest. I think this weekend might involve walking in a forest somewhere where there’s pine trees. I haven’t done that in a while. I miss it.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of trash along the parking area here just inside the Adirondacks. This would be a good spot for NYSDOT’s “Adopt-A-Highway”. I’d adopt it if it wasn’t almost 70 miles from home. Maybe someone will find a kind spot in their heart and adopt this lovely spot.

I wouldn’t bet on the woman in the red Taurus doing that though.

If someone doesn’t do it by a year from now I guess we’ll just have to do it and make a trip a couple of times a summer to clean this spot up. I’m enjoying it a lot. The bright side is that whoever is dumping trash is doing it on the side OPPOSITE of the “NO DUMPING” signs. At least the litterer can read.