August 17, 2012

One Week Left.

So there’s one week left in my ‘Stache On-‘Stache Off campaign to raise money for the Ali Forney Center, an organization helping homeless LGBT youth in New York. Right now, the bucket for ‘Stache ON has more money in it. One week from tonight, whatever bucket has the most money will determine the fate of my mustache. If ‘Stache On has more money, I’ll keep it through the end of the year. If ‘Stache Off has more money, the mustache goes for a few weeks and will be replaced by a smaller ‘stache of more reasonable proportions. And of course, all proceeds go to the Ali Forney Center, which is actually the reason for doing all of this, because I believe that we all agree that no one deserves to be homeless.

If you want the mustache to stay, donate to this campaign:
‘STACHE ON-‘Stache Off.

If you want the mustache to GO, donate to this campaign:
‘Stache On-‘STACHE OFF.

And thank you.


I hate to admit this but I start feeling a little achy in my shoulders when there’s rain on the way. I know that makes me sound incredibly old, and at 44 I don’t think my warranty has expired yet, but nevertheless, when it’s looking like it’s going to rain I can feel it in my bones. Earl says it’s because I try to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. He could be right. He almost always is.

For those reading this from the Central New York region, there’s rain on the way. At least I’m not like Mrs. Ziffel, claiming that lumbago means we need to plant corn this year.