Tech Stuff.

So Jamie just told me that they keep me around because of my awesome IT skills. His email stopped working on the 18th of this month and nobody could figure out why. I had it fixed in two minutes, while eating a salad and working at my desk. It helps when you can hack into your home network from work. I highly recommend that ability for everyone that has a home network. If I wanted to, I could advance every clock in the house by an hour. How many bloggers do you know that boast about that? In fact, I could STOP TIME with just a few keystrokes. Let’s see you do that with your Amana Radarange.

I am parked in a different parking lot for lunch today. I have migrated to the city neighboring where I work and have situated myself next to the big sign that proclaims the variety of businesses in this shopping plaza. This used to be home to an Ames (which had taken over a Big N in the early 80s). That space was chopped up into a Dollar General and a Bargain Outlet. It appears that there are still bargains by the bagful. The inventory systems at Ames are what got me interested in tech in the first place. Well, mostly interested in tech; I did have a passing interest in the debut of scanning technology at Wegmans in the late 1970s. The cashiers didn’t roll their eyes when the item didn’t scan back then, that option came much later to our society.

The FedEx truck driver snagged the better spot of this parking lot by parking on the north side of the big sign. He is hiding in the shadow of the sign and keeping his truck cool. I think he’s quite resourceful. As resourceful as I wanted to be. It’s not overly hot today so I don’t care. I’m enjoying the late spring breeze and puffy clouds in the sky.

The seagulls that are far from the sea but usually very close to the adjacent Burger King are nowhere to be found today. Must be they are in a Big Mac sort of mood. Over the weekend I mentioned to Earl that I remember Burger King cashiers (back in the 70s) taking orders by coloring in dots with a grease pencil on a plastic card and then feeding that card into the cash register. No one seems to remember this sort of thing when I mention it to random people (and I just do bark it out like some sort of geek tourettes from time to time), but Earl said he remembers it well because he got a grease pencil in his hamburger once. I don’t know that I would enjoy that option.

Apparently the seagulls can read because they just arrived. They’re terrorizing the parking lot again, targeting the FedEx truck. Someone call Homeland Security.