Have you ever had a moment where you said to yourself, “today I’m going to do what I want to do, not what I have to do” and then actually did just that? That’s how I am feeling today. I always start to get all analytical as my birthday approaches (even though it’s still over a month away), but as I sit here and ponder on the fact that I might be approaching the halfway point of this lifetime, I think about the fact that I should probably be doing things I enjoy instead of doing stuff because I have to do it. Which brings more happiness? A job that brings lots of money but little in the way of personal enjoyment or an adventure that makes your heart sing but leaves you wondering where your next meal comes from.

These are things that I think about.

I put a lot of credence into dreams. I think there’s all sorts of dreams, including those that include messages from our subconscious when we are too dense to see what’s right in front of us all the while. I frequently dream of my DJ days, spinning the records while watching a dance floor full of half-naked people dance to the beats of my choosing. This past weekend we went to a big nightclub that was in such a state, though I wasn’t choosing the beats (DJ Jesse Mercado was picking many of the same beats I would have selected). Earl and I danced like we haven’t danced in years, shirts off, sweat pouring out of my bald head. It was a grand time and something that we don’t have where we live anymore. Those days are gone in this area, but they’re alive and well elsewhere.

I think we’ll be traveling more often. It’s what we do.

I always need a creative outlet. I’m a creative person, I guess and I always feel the need to express myself creatively. Work gives me some of that with the work I do building applications, but it’s not all the way there. It’s sufficient but not completely fulfilling. That’s okay. It gives us the funds for me to do things like have a recording studio in the basement or for us to travel where the social life “pops” a bit more.

Pursuing happiness. I’m always in favor of that.

There’s a blogger who goes on about his tennis games. There’s another who talks about taking walks and go hiking in the desert. Yet another talks about his love of life near the coast of the Pacific. Some find their ongoing chats about these things monotonous. I find it all to be quite the contrary for they’re all in the pursuit of happiness.

It’s really cool when you find it.