Ok, gentle readers that use iPads and have a blog. Please tell me what program you’re using to blog from your iPad. I just had a very long, thought out and well written blog entry typed out in BlogPress and the program just ate it. Like it was being written on a PC. Remember those “Switcher” commercials Apple did in the early 00s? I believe the girl’s name was Ellen Feiss or something like that.

I was typing along and then poof! the blog entry was gone.

BlogPress devoured my blog entry. My well written, thought out, articulate blog entry. Gone.

It was a really good blog entry.

Never to return.

I’ll try again tonight, when I get home and have access to my computer.


– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


    1. The only issue I have with the WP app is that when a bluetooth keyboard is being used, the menu bar plants itself across the bottom of the screen, obscuring the last line of text. If you’re typing a rather long blog entry, like I am known to do, you can’t see what you’re typing. It’s kind of odd.

  1. I’ve been using BlogPress since I saw that you were using it. 🙂 haven’t had any problems with it. I’ve also used the WP app especially since the updates that made it a bit more usable. I had thought to try out Blogsy, but I saw your comments about the funky UI.
    Mostly though I blog from the WP interface on my PC.

    1. BlogPress had been very well behaved over the past several weeks. Yesterday I was just typing away and the display just blinked and wiped out my blog entry. Going back into the app showed a blank entry form, everything I had typed was gone. It was very frustrating.

      On my Mac I use the very nice MarsEdit application. Back when I used a Windows computer from time to time I loved the Windows Live Writer application that came with the Windows Live Essentials suite of applications. That’s one thing (among others) that Microsoft has done right.

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