Well, Earl and I just got done watching “Shrek” on DVD. It was hilarious! Glad we took the time to watch it.

We spent the yesterday and today in Toronto. It’s only 4 1/2 hours away, and it’s one of our favorite cities, so we decided we’d enjoy a little R&R. However, the main reason for going out was to meet up with our friend Jay – who we keep in contact with via e-mail. Jay is originally from Toronto, but currently lives in Omaha. How’s that for culture shock!

We went to this GREAT restaurant called “Marshall’s” in “the village”. It’s near the corner of Church and University. A tiny little place, but the food is absolutely wonderful! We also went shopping in the Eaton Center. We also went to “The Body Shop” – because we needed to stock up on skin stuff and there isn’t a Body Shop in Utica. The closest one is in Syracuse. We love the ‘Skin Mechanics’ line that The Body Shop offers for men.

We then spent most of the evening just relaxing in the hotel room and chatting with Jay.

Today I had to wipe out my hard drive and reload everything, a tedious, but enjoyable task nonetheless. So I took the opportunity to try out a new web authoring program. Let’s see how this one works out.

Tomorrow, we get our new high-speed internet satellite system put in, so it’s half a day at work and then geek stuff at home. I’m looking forward to it!