So today is Friday and it is feeling like a Friday to me. And that’s a good thing. I am in the mood to relax this weekend. Well, I’m actually probably going to do some catch up work for a few hours on Sunday and some odds and ends around my studio on Saturday, but other than that I am planning on relaxing and taking it easy.

I’m finding myself feeling a big sigh of relief that it’s Friday. My favorite phrase of the week at work has been “forward motion” and I feel that The Big Project is making enough forward motion to keep the masses happy and all of us productive at the same time. And due to a few connections put into motion at work, I now have a 15-inch MacBook Pro with 24-inch Cinema Display, bluetooth keyboard, Magic Mouse and nifty carrying bag for my use at the office. That’s why I can do some work this weekend and get caught up. I have the only Mac in the entire building, since it was shipped to me from another office elsewhere in the country and quite frankly it has already made my work life much easier. I guess I just think Mac. The Windows computer sits to the side, ready to help if I come across something that I haven’t figured out how to deal with on the Mac, since we are all about Microsoft at work, but so far it’s been relegated to resting and providing USB power for my iPhone.

As I was pulling into a parking space at Dunkin’ Donuts this afternoon a woman driving the car to the immediate right of the space decided to pull out. She cut the left hand turn short, like so many people in this part of country do, and cut across the upper third of my space as I was pulling in. There was no contact between our vehicles but there was only one or two centimeters between us. She glared at me like I was wrong for pulling into a parking space. She had been lighting a cigarette while she was making the short left hand turn. I just glared back. Her minivan was adorned with a big Barney like creature on the side but she was the only one in the van. She looked greasy. This had the potential of frustrating me, even though there was no incident other than a close call, but after screaming every blue word I could think of and rejecting the idea of hunting her down with a paint gun (not worth the effort), I decided to smile and enjoy the remainder of the day.

After all, the weekend is just four hours away.

Since everything is working here on the site again and the weekend doesn’t have a lot of int’s plate, I’ll probably do more blogging than I usually do on the weekend. While cleaning up the hacked mess of the site last night, I looked at the traffic stats for the first time in over two years. The most popular entries involve defunct department stores, pictures of bearded men and the picture of me at the barbershop when I had that really big mustache. I have more daily readers than I could ever imagine, though they don’t say much in the comments section. I guess I rant or write statements more than I ask questions, so that’s normal I guess.

I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing and smiling along the way.