So last night, during a fit of insomnia, I wrote a blog entry. I didn’t remember this until I was getting breakfast together and I saw my entry sitting on my laptop. Apparently I also did some work, because I scheduled a meeting for Monday morning involving several members of the team. Everything on the meeting request makes complete sense and it was something that I had intended to do anyway, but having actually done it but not remembering it until I actually saw the calendar entry was a little weird. It isn’t like I have some weird amnesia thing going on, but rather, I just remembered that I had done these things once I saw them, but didn’t remember them beforehand.

I remember being awakened around 2 last night and then falling asleep around 4 after reading a bit.

I’m a bit tired today, apparently since I was active last night, but for the most part the mood is pleasant and the day is good. I’m very happy that it is Friday. Earl and I have a date to watch “The Wizard Of Oz” tonight at home. I have promised him popcorn. We have altered our plans for the weekend and will be keeping it local. Sometimes a little rest and keeping it local keeps the positive energy in perpetual motion.