Am I the only one appalled that there were “boos” at the Republican debates last night when a soldier, who happens to be gay, asked a question via YouTube? Really? People that scream about being patriotic and the constitution and all of that were booing a soldier simply because he’s gay?


I’m sorry, but the way I see it, you can’t get more patriotic than to put your life on the line defending your country and it’s constitution. I don’t care if he or she is white, black, pink, purple or beige. I don’t care if they sleep with women or men or get their pleasures riding a washing machine. They’re doing their patriotic duty and anyone that boos them for upholding the honor of being a soldier is a shithead.

I am starting to become embarrassed by my fellow citizens. Worse yet, I can’t even identify with half of them anymore.


  1. Until the Reps stop pandering to the social right, and concentrate on the economic right, I can’t support them. I’m not alone either as the Libertarians continue to grow.

    1. I agree with you. While I do wish for a more fiscally conservative government, I can’t vote for the party that traditionally held that role while they’re acting as bat-shit crazy as they have been lately.

    1. It’s absolutely shameful, Sean. I don’t know how anyone, let alone any political party member that claims to be so patriotic, could act so awful.

  2. These audiences are cheering for executions and calling for the uninsured to be left to die. Hardly shocking they’d boo a gay soldier, but a little ironic… I’d have pegged these audiences as being pro-military. Maybe they’re just pro-killing.

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