I read blogs. I read plenty of blogs. Some of these blogs are devoted to technology, others are devoted to politics, while others are devoted to ‘gay causes’ or ‘gay news’, however loosely that term applies since I believe that all news is gay related in some way. Most of the blogs I read are personal blogs, much like the one you are reading right now.

I like to think that we can glean a good deal of information about someone from their personal blog. While they may be writing “in character” of someone they want to portray themselves to be, for the most part I think many of the blogs are from real people. I’m usually good at weeding out my so that the folks that are just trying to get attention or page hits aren’t at the top of my priority list if they make the list at all. I don’t particularly enjoy attention whores in public, why would I enjoy the writings of an attention whore?

Writing that last sentence made me pause for a few moments to reevaluate myself and determine if I am one of these attention whores. The time spent on this thought is not evident with my writings, so you’ll have to just trust that I had the thought and am cognizant of my behavior in this area.

A while back someone left a fairly nasty comment on my blog and when they read my response, they let a whole mess of fury out of the bag and into an email back at me. It was clear that this person put the drama in “drama queen”. I decided to start reading the blog at the end of the link they provided to see if they really were like that (or portrayed themselves that way) or if they were perhaps having a bad day. After a few months of reading their blog, I have decided that I really have no interest in our paths ever crossing in the real world because they portray themselves as an unlikeable (at least to me) person. Why waste my time? I deleted them from my personal reading list.

At one time I would have been bothered by this because I wouldn’t be able to handle not liking someone; it just seemed wrong and if I didn’t like them then they wouldn’t like me and I couldn’t have that back when I was a bundle of insecurity. Now older and wiser, I guess I couldn’t care less whether people like me or not so why should I make an effort to like someone when I find them unlikable? I don’t have to endure anything and no one says I have to, so why should I? Delete delete delete.

There are a couple of attention whores in the mix that I know are simply writing for the comedy of it all and the amount of reaction that they can stir up amongst the gentle readers. These folks don’t get lumped in with the unlikable, especially when I have met them in person and find that they are quite lovely. That’s why I like to meet fellow bloggers in person; proof is in the pudding and all that.

I never knew why pudding had proof but that’s the way the saying goes so we’ll just continue the tradition.

– I am crossing my fingers and praying to the digital mecca that this has been a successful instance of using BlogPress from my iPad