If you follow my Twitter or Facebook accounts, you may have seen my mention of my bike ride yesterday. I clocked in at just under 25 miles. On a map, it looks something like this:


It was a very good ride. The weather was perfect with it being partly cloudy and at around 65F. I picked a route that I knew would have some hills in it to keep it interesting and to push myself a bit. I am getting more aggressive with my riding this year as I feel a need to find a physical limit and then see if I can move beyond it.

One of the biggest reasons that I enjoy riding so much is because it gives me the opportunity to let my mind wander and to get into my own version of a meditative state. Once I establish my rhythm for the ride (usually 20 or so minutes into a trip), my mind starts to explore and ponder things. I’m still very much aware of everything going on around me; I know there’s cars on the road behind me and I’m conscious of where my bike is at any given moment, but I’m also very conscious of my breathing and I think that’s what gets me into that zen mode that I enjoy when I’m riding.

I have a couple of goals for rides this summer, including a couple of one day trips somewhere. I’d like to do a two day trip, which would involve me hauling my camping gear on the trailer I have for the bike. I tried a two day trip quite a few years ago, but the timing was off and I found myself in a cold rain, freezing in a tent. That trip ended in a phone call to Earl asking him to come pick me up. I wasn’t well prepared for that ride, but I think I could manage it better this time.

I’d also like to ride in Virginia again. I rode with our friend Thom a couple of years ago and it was quite nice. I would certainly enjoy another ride with him.

The weather has not been very cooperative this season. I think if I’m going to continue to want to ride in these parts, I’m going to have to invest in some rain gear.