DL 1895. 

I’m aboard Delta flight 1895 from Philadelphia to Atlanta, headed to Greenville for a short work trip.  I’m on an MD90 in seat 3D. I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what part of the cabin I’m sitting in. 

Earl and I were in the area visiting family for the holidays, so it was simple for him to just drop me off at the airport.  A bonus of this arrangement is that I will see his smiling face at Syracuse when I get home mid-week. Plus we save on parking fees. 

This flight is absolutely wonderful, the sky is clear and the air is smooth. I’m guessing we are in the high 20s as far as flight levels go. I could check but I’m just relaxing this flight. I did a bunch of work and made some great accomplishments before boarding earlier today; I’m going into the work week feeling good. 

The visit with family was enjoyable but a little too short for my tastes. Time seems fleeting again, a sign that life is good. Sometimes it’s even better to grab a moment and savor it without electronic enhancement. 

So I’ll end this entry with a snapshot of what I find to be beautiful.