I am sitting here at lunch and I must admit that I have been keeping an eye out for the guys that I have silently dubbed the “Jumper Cable Guys”. I was actually the one that used the jumper cables but nevertheless they have earned the title. Perhaps they jump started my day.

The week is flying by as I am beyond the halfway point of the work week. This is good, because it also means that Earl will be home from Buffalo tomorrow night and I’m always a little off kilter without him around.

Next week we head to Chicago for Memorial Day weekend. We are driving out for what is known as a “Bear Run.” My mother asked what that meant and I was thinking of telling her that it equated to running with the bulls, except there would be big, burly gay men running through the streets of Chicago. Some of them might have horns, others might carry a bicycle bell and go “ding ding”, but everyone would be running and having a grand old time. That isn’t really what happens, of course, as that’s way too much effort but there might be a bicycle bell dinging and there will be plenty of big, burly gay men. It’s a good way to hang out with the community. I’ve been told we could visit the Willis Tower. What you talkin’ about Willis? I refuse to do that but I’ll go to the top of Sears Tower, even if it’s not called that anymore. Ask someone in Chicago if they’re going to Marshall Fields or Macy’s and I’m sure you’ll hear the former as the answer. I rest my case.

I’m kind of babbling today.

Let’s have a musical interlude instead. “How do I embed a video on my iPad?”, the geek wonders.

Oh, just click the link.