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It was back in January that I mentioned that I was contemplating buying a new vehicle, after sliding off the road in my beloved Acura RSX Type S. I decided that it was time to be sensible and to invest in a vehicle that I could drive year ’round.

How silly of me.

I don’t need to buy a new vehicle at all, but rather, I just need to make a small investment into the vehicle I have so that it can be driven year ’round.

I noticed that Pep Boys was having a sale on tires; buy three tires and get the fourth tire free. Since the car I have has four tires it only makes sense that I would leap at such a deal, and since the Acura’s current tires were way beyond their prime, perhaps we needed to make the investment to find the enjoyment of exploring the roads again.

The Acura was grinning wildly as we left the Pep Boys parking lot this morning. My smile was even bigger. The tires feel sticky and make my baby feel like he’s a brand new car again. He’s boasting a brand new NYSDMV inspection sticker, didn’t need any anticipated brake work (yay!) and doesn’t sound like he’s running with bad wheel bearings, because it was the old tires that were so loud.

We kept it under the speed limit, barely, but we handled the curves like the way an orchestra handles the sweetest of symphonies. One of my favorite driving tunes, “Hello Piano” by Inkfish and David West, could be played at an aggressive, yet not overpowering level because I didn’t need to drown out the noise of the bad tires. My Acura and I reconnected again and after a well needed bath, we are ready for summer again.

And I’m ready to live out the dream of driving him across the salt flats of Utah. Why investment money in something I don’t need, when I already have motoring perfection.

Quickshot 2011-05-07 at