I am sitting near my alternate Dunkin Donuts for my lunch hour today. I need a change of pace and/or a different view. The reasoning mirrors my changes in my commuting route on a daily basis.

I am currently being stared down by a seagull. He apparently thinks that I should toss something out the window so he can take a sample and then start screaming to all his friends, urging them to bomb my black vehicle. This is their way of saying thank you.

I think I’m a little confused about the presence of the seagulls. For one, there are never seagulls near the other Dunkin Donuts, which is only three miles away. I can understand the idea that there are seagulls here, despite the fact that we are not near the sea, because we have lots and lots of seagulls on the shores of Lake Ontario, including one of my most favorite spots in the whole wide world, Southwick Beach State Park. However, I am not near Lake Ontario or any other Great Lake at the moment, though I suppose my relative proximity to Great Sacandaga Lake may account for their presence. I haven’t spent enough time near Great Sacandaga Lake to determine if it warrants it’s title of “great”. Perhaps I can make that determination this summer.

I’m left to ponder that if the seagulls call this local lake home, how did they get here? What brought them from the sea to this location? Did they start flying along the St. Lawrence River and then make a sudden left so they could get a scenic view of the Adirondacks? Was another gull yammering when they trying to follow their GPS and they inadvertently made a wrong turn?

Nevertheless, they are sitting here waiting for something to fall out of someone’s car. I bet they prefer Burger King to Dunkin Donuts.

And yes, I still have one just staring me down. He stares without comment and without enlightenment.