Even though it’s in the low 20s today, the sun is shining brilliantly. It’s starting to show the very early beginnings of spring, even though we are still a month away. This gives me hope that the snow will be gone for a while someday and I won’t have to bundle up to go outside. This cyclic thing works wonders.

The guy that cleans out our driveway has pneumonia so last night I had to fire up the snowblower and do the job myself. Honestly, I’d rather do that than mow the lawn except for the fact that this BMW behemoth kept going up and down the road (from the McMansions at the top of the hill, no doubt) and every time she drove by she would beep at me. I guess she was afraid I was going to ram the snowblower into her behemoth. If I had a brick I would have aimed for her windshield but alas, all I had was some snow and I didn’t feel like getting my hands cold when I took aim. I don’t know why she was going up and down the road multiple times; perhaps her daughters Britney and Brittany had hula lessons or something. I feel sorry for her, because as far as I’m concerned, the larger the behemoth the smaller the appendage. Perhaps driving up and down the road is all she has to do because of this.

I’m being polite.

And yes, I know we drive a Durango but when that’s owned by a company based in Texas, there’s always a chance that big attitudes and big hair are going to be in that vehicle.

Various blogger friends have posted pictures of birds and the impending signs of spring in their neck of the woods. This made me a little bit cranky since we are just starting to see the bird feeder again (it’s been buried since December), but I did almost hyperventilate yesterday afternoon when I saw birds flying in formation as they were headed north. This has to mean something good.

I’m thinking I need to plant a small garden of sorts this spring but I have no idea how to do it. I have friends that I can ask and I probably have people that can do it for me so it’ll all work out. I’m in the mood for some green and some flowers though. Gray and white can only go so far before one gets surly.

It’s a good thing I can see blue sky today.